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Star wrestlemania
*NEW** You will see many groups stating that they are the home of wap wrestling but dont be fooled this is THE 1 ,photos,bios,news,reviews,videos,chat & all free (diva animations watch torrie & crew strut thier stuff) For evey wrestling fan young or old.

Group Founder: twonksta
Description: with chat gossip & polls on your favourite wrestling heroes with full biographies of the legends that are the undertaker, batista, edge, triple-h, hulk hogan, goldust, kane, boogie man, andre the giant, rick flair, ultimate warrior, doink the clown, mr.kennedy, mr.perfect, legion of doom, bret heart, shawn micheals, john cena, the bushwhackers, dusty rhodes , the all important divas and many many more. & every association all over the world will be catered for TNA/WWE/WWF/WCW/ECW/ and any others i come across.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 419
Category: Sports & Fitness > Wrestling

Topics (49)

go Advertise your group (1) ednutm
If u own a wapsite then join the WAP N WEB MASTERS prodigits group

go False match in wwe? (2) 1bihari1
WWE make false match and the winner are desided before match according to storyline?

go The best (16) smshatms
Who's your top three best wrestlers in the world? Mine are KENTA , samoa joe and low ki. If you never heard of any of these guys go on youtube and look them up.

go wallpaper (0) aakaasha
upload bollywood actors wallpapers

go Cena Fired! (1) avesome
John Cena Fired From WWE In 22-Nov-2010.

go Sheamus is d new usa champion (0) melvin10
Sheamus beat coby bryant to become the usa champion hey everyone wrestlemania is coming up

go TNA fan anyone? (6) ashraj
want to chat about recent TNA happenings.

go Edge (2) spirito2
Can any1 tell me if theres a free site where i can download the edge entrance theme, thanx

go WWE downward slide (0) robert99
What a load of garbage Raw has been just lately and their treatment of john Cena re Nexus is disgraceful he should walk out on WWE and join TNA a much better show and leaving Raw & Smackdown on ad...

go Vue showing WWE (0) devilina
In september they are showing WWE legendary. For two shows. Over the weekend of 11th and 12th.

go Nexus comuppance (0) robert99
Wow what a summer slam well done cena for more less taking out Nexus single handledly

go NXT rookie (0) robert99
something needs to be done about their interference of the shows they ruined the fatal4 way PPV any opinions any1

go Batista' comeuppance (0) robert99
Thank god Batista has gone had it coming at over the limit well done Cena

go The chairman (0) ba55hunt
He screwed john cena last nite in elination chamber match after winning.

go Free console (0) mangekyu
An internet site is givin away free console to people who join and give a certain amount of referals, to get any console you want sign up to get a ps3, si...


Photos (49)

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Files (9)

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2 Suplex move gif
3 off the ropes gif
4 Melina getting in ring gif
5 Major screw up gif
6 Hulk shaking gif
7 Stacy diva hips wiggle gif
8 Hulk on guitar animated gif
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Polls (6)

go Whos your fav wrestler (nu skool)
go Whos your fav wrestler prt 5 (old skool)
go Whos your fav wrestler prt 4 (old skool)
go Whos your fav wrestler prt 3 (old skool)
go Whos your fav wrestler prt 2 (old skool)
go Whos your fav wrestler (old skool)